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Giving is not the Privilege of the Rich, It is the Privilege of the Sincere.

Wise man said: “Gain comes after Giving.” The more you give, The more you will received. Helping others is actually helping ourselves. It is the Cause and Effect. Most people may take times to believe to the statement as shown above. But no matter how, whoever believe it, he may try it now. Because “The journey of A Thousand Miles begins with a broken fan belt and a leaky tire”. Those who do not believe, just take your time to proof it yourself.  The different is You Reap Earlier or Later.

I’m sorry,  Please forgive me,  Thank you,  I love you.



古大德说:  “舍得舍得,有舍必有得,不舍就不得。”  其实,利人就是利己。 可是大多数人都不认为如此。 确实真理不变,变的是在人心。 觉早或觉迟一样会受益,差别只在时间上罢了。 如果您相信而且趁早行动, 当然就会更早受益了。


对不起,  请原谅,  谢谢你,  我爱你。